Friday, 6 January 2017

Moth Music

Here are some snaps from my gnash-chattering -11 perambulation around Theisendammen yesterday, the lake nearest our house. Brrrr! Lovely fluttering out for a sun-kissed constitutional first thing in the morning after dropping off the munchkins! I wanted to collect a pawful of reference pics to give me a helping snowflake on my latest drawing.

By 11 I was back home in the nest, conjuring up the new picture, Moth Music (fuelled by tea in a lovely new teacup from my mamma and accompanied by my ancient pencil roll which has been a faithful companion in eons!). Listening simultaneously to The Infinite Monkey Cage, which I have fallen beak over claws with! Fascinating and a giggle too! I got to draw for about three hours before I left to pick up the buns! A good concentrated session.

Currently exploring building up shaded layers with pencil and then pushing them back with an eraser, think some nice subtle textures are starting to come through. This pic was originally intended to just be a sketch for an oil painting but so enjoying working with the pencil I will continue apace!

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