Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Feathered Figures

I'm painting a series of Feathered Figures at the moment.

The nature of birds is a mosaic of mannerisms ~ they are merry, serene, inquisitive, hopeful, curious & courageous, and I love that they communicate through song. Wings are both strong and gentle. I think their anatomy is fascinating by being so contrary ~ the whole wing can be heavy and swooping while comprising individual components that are delicate and light ~ that seems so beautiful! To me, the way the wings of the entwined figures curve around each other encapsulates the feeling of being held. Arms like meadow~blankets. Birds are connected to the elements ~ they can be earthbound - pecking at the grass, or airborne, or sweeping the surface of water, and mythical birds like the Phoenix and Firebird relate to fire. It feels so blissful working with these winged entities!