Monday, 18 April 2011

Monday, 11 April 2011

The Pipit Nest at The Woodland Trust's magical Creative Campaign Corner!!

The wonderdusted Woodland Trust knights in emerald armour have a blissful Creative Campaigning corner, cauldron swirling with art, music, creative writing and film...

The Pipit Nest paintings are nestled there from today and I am just over the moon!

They are a magical organisation protecting England's beautiful emerald guardians.

Thank you a thousand moonfuls Woodland Trust!!

Protect our emerald guardians with the wonderdusted Woodland Trust :)

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Tree Mages

Woodland witch
Tree Mage elder

I am cauldron stirring a project about tree mages, magical beings who I can feel about me when I wander in the woodlands. I have written down their whisperings to me and would love more than anything to conjure an entire book about them...

"Tree mages (witches and wizards) are magical beings who dwell in woodland. The mages come in many different guises, each witch or wizard having their own personality, special ability and role. Together, they are the guardians, architects, healers, and magic voice of the earth's forests.
Among them are the elders, tree healers, chanters, sapling sprouters, and protectors of the ancient glades.
The reach of the mages' powers varies from those who are assigned guardianship of one particular tree for life, to those who can summon spells for any tree, copse, or forest which may benefit from their unique magic."