Thursday, 23 September 2010

The Voyages of Pixie and Lykkemynt

I am drifting in drømmende memories after a certain frekk four~leafed feller pisked together the most deilig, magisk kake~mix of days with my charmingest Pixie knight... gathering stjernestøv for a book galaxy~swirling with the adventure tales of Pixie and Lykkemynt...!


Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Melkerull and Mermaid Magisk

I am nestled back in bonny England, after blissful Norske springing adventures with a Pocahontas and a Pixie... all my pumpkin carriages are tingling to voyage there again. My heart is still nested there and my feet are hovering far above the meadow grass...

The 'Circus' exhibition at The Green Tree Gallery was star-spangled, and my poetry book is half pisked together. Now we are dowsing the barn in ocean~gleam for 'Coast'... I have been buried in books ever since touching English shores, voyaging into the wonder~woven worlds of Medieval, Renaissance, and Persian art, discovering magical tales of sirens and mermaids and nixies, and gathering seaspray to sketch the characters I will weave into finished paintings... seahorse are my new favourite creature.

Wednesday wonder~wishes and winks to you.