Thursday, 23 September 2010

The Voyages of Pixie and Lykkemynt

I am drifting in drømmende memories after a certain frekk four~leafed feller pisked together the most deilig, magisk kake~mix of days with my charmingest Pixie knight... gathering stjernestøv for a book galaxy~swirling with the adventure tales of Pixie and Lykkemynt...!



Marilyn said...

Magical art and words ...also fun photo.

Pippa said...

Pumpkinfuls of thank yous... gleaming marmalade Marilyn!

Line Lorna said...

Pippa Kjære, you are reaching new levels of extraordinary Beauty and Magic, this is exuisite multe work. The lady in Paw is Perfekt and With a kissable Snute! Elsker det! x x x x x x x x