Monday, 9 January 2017

Stirring the paint-cauldron!

In progress paint-conjuring

Hello! After a lovely cosy weekend with my boys, I'm taking a wee pause from 'Moth Music' and working on a new piece in water-based oils. Initially, it was inspired by a section of a Norwegian folk-tale entitled 'Ikke kjørende og ikke ridende', where the main female character uses her wiles to win a prince by riding a ram with her feet just dangling in the grass... I think those were the specified terms and conditions! 

I liked the 'in-between' emphasis of this particular story element, as it makes me think of transitional moments, times when we are in-between one version of ourself and the next. Working with the water-based oils is joyful and I'm looking forward to cracking on with this picture tomorrow while the littles are in nursery school. But first, a walk is in order... We have been nesting elaborately for three days straight... I have demolished nearly two whole bars of Premium dark chocolate with seasalt and pecans, and have nibbled and gnawed constantly on nuts, raisins, blueberries, fruit, more fruit, and tea by the tankful and my tummy feels like a giant jelly!!!

I have also done a bit of sketching today, pondering on ideas about the majesty of self-awareness and adopting the role of observer in one's life, and how to present this theory compactly in an image.

Friday, 6 January 2017

Moth Music

Here are some snaps from my gnash-chattering -11 perambulation around Theisendammen yesterday, the lake nearest our house. Brrrr! Lovely fluttering out for a sun-kissed constitutional first thing in the morning after dropping off the munchkins! I wanted to collect a pawful of reference pics to give me a helping snowflake on my latest drawing.

By 11 I was back home in the nest, conjuring up the new picture, Moth Music (fuelled by tea in a lovely new teacup from my mamma and accompanied by my ancient pencil roll which has been a faithful companion in eons!). Listening simultaneously to The Infinite Monkey Cage, which I have fallen beak over claws with! Fascinating and a giggle too! I got to draw for about three hours before I left to pick up the buns! A good concentrated session.

Currently exploring building up shaded layers with pencil and then pushing them back with an eraser, think some nice subtle textures are starting to come through. This pic was originally intended to just be a sketch for an oil painting but so enjoying working with the pencil I will continue apace!

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Moth music

I'm busy conjuring up a new pencil drawing today entitled 'Moth music'. Pics coming soon! It's icy cold at the moment, -11 degrees, so I'm snuggled up with tea, toast with peanut butter and jam and a hot water bottle while I'm being a shady lady! Earlier I walked around Theisendammen to take snaps of the winter trees, and I think I will begin each working day like this, after dropping off the munchkins to barnehage. It's lovely starting the day with a brisk walk, whizzing the housework done, and then settling down to draw. I think it is nearly time to stretch my pins!