Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Winter wanderlust

The daylight is wrapping itself up in its winter cloak, but it's still bright in the grotto...

On the days I work in the gallery, I read, wheelbarrowfuls of pages, and make scrolls of the most magical words I stumble upon...

I wouldn't mind digging up a lion's share of kaleidoscopic alchemy! (The words in this particular melting pot all come from Angela Carter's 'The Magic Toyshop').

In preparation for our Christmas shopping night (Friday 13th November), I have been sprucing up our paper bags. These will be sold on the night and in the run-up to Christmas. £1.00 for a munchkin-sized, £1.50 for the giant.

The pastry star atop this mince pie of early November is that one of my oldest friends is coming to England after studying in Cape Town, and we are going to prance to Brighton and drink enormous cups of tea and bake mint chocolate cakes and chortle over Poirot's moustache.

Finally, I have finished a machine embroidered drawing illustrating one of the snippet-sized yarns from my book of fairytale poetry.

There was a moment with this where I thought, "Humph. This has gone pear-shaped, and a disintegrating pear at that, perhaps with a little fluffy coat around the middle." But, while 'Emma' was chattering away in the background, I vowed to give it what for. Next I will cycle it over to the Chapel Gallery in Cuckfield to be box-framed in green. I have been in this little treasure trove only once before and found myself in a wonderland of beams and creaky floorboards and stained wood in caravan colours with an intriguing little staircase at the end, leading to who know's where.

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Rebecca Whiteman said...

So nice to see you on here, I've missed you and your beautiful work (particularly love the embroidery piece!) Hope everything is going well post-Fallie..look forward to seeing more of your work, all lovely!