Thursday, 5 November 2009

Pixies and Poetry

The pixie who swings by the door now has black curly locks, leafy sleeves, and a golden bell jangling at the end of her cloak hood. I was so delighted to watch her come to life that I am thinking of making dolls to sell.

She has settled me in my nest. The typewriter has new ribbon, and one by one, the daddy long legs are evicted.

Now I am to start work on a fairytale poetry book! So far it features a good deal of nonsense.

In the meantime, a collaborative project between myself and author Sally Crabtree will be in an exhibition at Penlee House Museum & Gallery in Penzance from 28th November. The main feature is a concertina book about all the Lost Property office of Olly, a mouse. The display will also include a cabinet of curiosities with paper characters from the book.

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