Thursday, 2 May 2013

I thought it would be lovely to show you a peek of my sketchbook journeying at the moment! These are some sketches for tree spirits, working especially with the idea of the aspen tree currently, as we found lots of aspen leaves in the little twinkle of faerie woodland near our nest! The aspen tree was known to the Celts as 'the whispering tree', and if you go to watch the aspen, you will hear its magical whispering song, and see the ethereal leaves shaking their booties in the breeze!

Sketchbook pages - The Aspen Spirit


Lottie Juliet said...

These are so gorgeous, thank you for sharing ♥

Pippa said...

<3 Thank you so many moonfuls sweet Lottie Juliet, that brought a big glow to my cheeks :D Love your profile snap, so magical xx <3