Thursday, 3 June 2010

The Skirt of Bounding Beasts


Rima said...

Oh Pippa! Another absolute wonder!
Your titles are as artful as your paintings :)
I look forward very much to your show!!
Hope all is splendid in your world this summer-emerging :)
x R

Line Lorna said...

Så nydelig!! Jeg vil danse med henne :D x x x x x x x

Pippa said...

Min sjelsøster av stjerne Linepiss ~ tusen yam-takk!... jeg tror hun elsker å danse med deg mer enn Shtinky Puddin' scoffed straight off a certain Mr Connery's tartan-quilted rumpe.... vrrrr... I love a little multetartan after supper. Elsker deg med alle min Billybummsly bamsen, din Shtinky Kjeksh x x x x x x x x x x

Dreamy Rima, thank you humungously, from toe-tips to ear-pinnacles! Hope your June is jam-jolly too, and can ye truly trundle to the show? Would love to spy you there, maybe even in your star-spangled pantaloons! Let me know and I will crank the kettle on and bash out some biscuits! Lots of love x x x x